Connections are easy,
making a better fit takes...

Freshgrad is the only destination that is built specifically to bring students and employers together for a more perfect fit.

Deyana W.
NYIT - Class of 2013
... than a resume
Sam S.
NYU - Class of 2014
... than meets the eye.
A resume is great if you've had a long career, but graduates are just getting started. FreshGrad unveils skills, personality and potential that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, empowering students to present a truly multi-dimensional view of themselves to employers.
... than just a connection
Connections are meaningless if they are not made from insight. FreshGrad connects employers with students through a deeper mutual understanding of one another.
The FreshGrid

This one-of-a-kind personality matrix helps employers get to know you as you drag and drop different skills, competencies and workplace situations to the spots where you prioritize them. The FreshGrid is the first step on the path towards your dream job.

My Ideal Jobs

At FreshGrad we keep an open mind about your career choices but our primary goal is to help you land the job of your dreams. Let us know what your ideal job is and we'll connect you to the companies who have those positions.

Social Connections

They often say it isn't what you know but who you know. We believe it's both. After we narrow down your job search, we'll show you if you have any connections at the companies on your list of options.